Emotiva Audio 200 Watts 10-Inch Subwoofer black (BasX Sub10)


  • A 10-Inch heavy-duty low-frequency driver, with a 1.5″ copper voice Coil on a solid aluminum former, an Injection molded mineral Filled polypropylene Cone and a large rubber Roll surround.
  • High efficiency 200 watt RMS audiophile quality class D amplifier.
  • Frequency response: 27 Hz to 200 Hz ( + 0/ – 3 dB).
  • crossover, phase, and level controls for precise matching to any room and system.
  • 15.25″ high x 14.375″ wide x 15.88″ Deep; weight 34.5 pounds; detachable Sculpted grill.


The Emotiva BASX S10 is the ideal way to add the critical last few octaves of authoritative bass response to any audiophile stereo system or surround sound home theater system. The BASX S10 combines the raw power and clean low bass to make today’s power-packed action movies sound their best with the finesse and Speed to render well-recorded music in superb detail. The BASX S10 Features a heavy precisely tuned acoustically inert half hdf cabinet, internally braced to prevent the slightest hint of vibration, and covered with a tough attractive black vinyl finish. The powerful 200 watt RMS class D amplifier and heavy-duty low-frequency driver in the BASX S10 deliver a frequency response that extends cleanly all the way down to 27 Hz, and the volume, crossover frequency, and phase controls allow you to tailor its response to match perfectly with any combination of room and speakers. The BASX S10 delivers superb performance and world-class sound quality. Three-year warranty.