Minimalist Slim Aluminum Metal Wallet – Business Credit Card Holder, Edc Front Pocket Wallet, Steel Money Clip Men, RFID Blocking


★ BLOCKS RFID SCANNING that can steal your credit card information wirelessly. These electronic gadgets are used by thieves to swipe the info off the magnetic strip on your cards. Prevent this with rock solid RFID Blocking technology in this slim, aluminum wallet.
★ SUPER SLIM, ULTRA LIGHT for the most convenient wallet, money clip on the market. Not bulky like conventional wallets. About one half inch thick. Fits in back pocket, front pocket, or purse without bulge or taking up much space.
★ BEAUTIFUL POLISHED ALUMINUM gives this wallet a classy look and feel. You’ll be proud for people to see this when you pull it out to pay at a store or restaurant. Surface is polished with a laser so the reflectivity and color change slightly under different light.



RFID BLOCKING ALUMINUM WALLET is super thin and only somewhat larger than a credit card.
Will hold 11 to 12 credit cards, drivers license, grocery loyalty card, and much more.
Due to the prevalence of technology savvy thieves, having an RFID Blocking wallet is very important.
Criminals use tech gadgets to scan your cards’ magnetic strips from a distance.
They can simply be walking at the back of you and take every one of your cards, use them, and you won’t know about it for weeks.
Avoid this huge hassle with this premium aluminum wallet that RFID signals can’t penetrate. A will have to for international shuttle and airports.

COMFORTABLE, WON’T CAUSE BULGE. Sized 2.17″ by 3.43″ and 0.51″ thick – little more than the thickness of the credit cards you have inside.
Cards are held in by thick, strong elastic bands so one can hold up and look good for years of constant use.
The built-in money clip holds bills tightly. You’ll unscrew the clip and remove it if you wish.

DELUXE GIFT BOX makes this the ultimate present for any man or woman on your list. This is the handsome laser polished aluminum wallet that glistens in the sun.
As the light changes, the hue and color of this wallet changes somewhat for an impressive effect.
This is great for friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who would appreciate a compact, slim, minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase.
Many customers find it irresistible so much they return to buy 2 or 3 more to give to friends and family.
at the same time as we have a new shipment in stock.

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